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The Outpouring

For many people, it's habitual to evaluate the world through a lens of scarcity.

Scarcity - a state of being in short supply

This shows up as fear, feeling out of control, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and reacting instead of evaluating. It's a spiraling experience, becoming cyclical and even rhythmic over time.

Maybe you learned about scarcity from experiencing physical and/or emotional lack in your world. Maybe there's a history of need in your family tree, leaving an imprint of shortage on your DNA.

As a new year begins, we have an opportunity to root ourselves in the present moment. Instead of spiraling into shortage and old stuff, here's an alternative. We might instead look for an outpouring.

Outpouring - Something that flows out in large amounts or with strong force

Now sometimes the idea of outpouring can be overwhelming, because it's hard to control. If control is our goal, it's unlikely that we can see abundance as a safe thing. But grasping for control is a big piece of what keeps us stuck... it puts up barriers between us and the safe people and experiences that we need.

We aren't hardwired for scarcity. Scarcity is us versus them. It's limiting.

There is an abundance of grace, of ideas, of love, and of hope that cannot be stopped. The idea that there is a limited amount of resource keeps us frozen in fear. When we can look at our world and see the outpouring that's already a part of us innately, we become capable of movement. We start believing in the outpouring that others offer us and stop scraping and grasping for control.

2019 might be a great time to start. It could be the beginning of movement. I believe in you, and I believe in me. Let's just start; even a drop stirs the river and creates ripples.

Happy New Year, Dear One.

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