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Parent Support

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Curated Parenting Intensives

YOU are the best gift you will ever give your child.  Take the first step towards healing intergenerational trauma by identifying and addressing your parenting triggers. Being fully present, engaged, and fulfilled in parenting is possible! Reach out to TCI to learn more.


Developmental Psychoeducation

You are actively establishing the groundwork of your child's life. There is a dance between parent and child that consists of thousands of repetitions, instilling a narrative that determines how your child views the world. We provide materials to help you build a solid foundation.


Homeschooling Resources

TCI is in the process of building the first developmentally focused homeschool curriculum for elementary school students. We are delighted to bring our expertise in clinical mental health and education to the service of families across the country. 

Developmental Psychoeducation

From intergenerational trauma to in utero experiences to life outside of the womb, the nervous system is attuning to the world and learning lessons. Did you know that by age 10, the concept of self and the belief systems about safety, responsibility, and worth have all been laid down in the body and the brain? 

Many people incorrectly believe that the early years of a child's life matter less because the child may not have clear memories of their early experiences. What we know through research on child development and neuroscience is that the first five years of life are crucial building blocks for everything that comes later in life. 

Please subscribe here if you are interested in learning more about child development and the impact of early life experiences on you and the people you love.

Family at a Beach

Homeschool Resources

TCI is actively working on the development of a new elementary homeschool curriculum. We believe that excellence in education and developmentally sound teaching practices are not luxuries, but necessities. All families should have access to the tools and resources to teach their children from home, and we want to make sure that families can be successful.

Your child is a beautiful seedling. Let them thrive by raising them in a sheltered greenhouse - meet all of their needs, give them resources to grow, protect them from the elements, and prepare them for the big world. Our developmental homeschool curriculum will take your child from kindergarten through fifth grade on an thrilling journey - cultivate curiosity in your home and watch your child bloom. 

If you are interested in learning more, please subscribe here to receive updates on the curriculum launch. 

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