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On Worthlessness

Recently, I've been digging into worthlessness. In fact, I've felt myself slipping into "less than" brain, where I sometimes get stuck. Here's the definition of worthlessness that really kicks me in the pants:

Worthless (adj.) - having no good qualities; deserving contempt.

Ouch. The finality. The gut punching sneer you feel oozing off the page. And yet it captures a view of myself that creeps in so easily. I sat staring at the page, and then decided to look up the opposite definition. That's logical, right? Focus on feeling worthy? Well, that didn't exactly light a fire in me either.

Worthy (adj.) - having sufficient worth or importance.

What does it mean to have "sufficient" worth? And how does importance play in here? I don't want to be just sufficient, or feel like I'm dissatisfied with myself because I somehow lack importance. Experiencing frustration, I had to take a step back, check in with my body and my brain, and start over.

When I get crumpled up in worthless brain, it's nothing logical, sound, or true. My feelings are important, valid, and deserving of acknowledgement, but they are not always factual. As I work to pull apart this idea of myself and grow my self-compassion, I have to give myself a new, opposite, kind word to focus on. Here's what I chose:

Radiant (adj.) - vividly bright and shining; marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness.

When I read that definition, I feel it in my solar plexus. I feel hopeful. I am marked by love. That, to me, feels like the opposite of worthlessness.

Inhale grace. Experience how you are radiant. Don't be afraid of honesty. We are all struggling to grow each day... I hope you realize that your person-ness is not about importance.

Today, I invite you to join me and replace that negative "less than" language with a mind and body full of radiance.

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2 comentarios

Thank you, Beth. A lifetime of self loathing is difficult to get past. I will "chew" on what you have brought to all of us today.

Me gusta

This was SO needed today! Thank You!!! 😘

Me gusta
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